Get Savvy with Efficient UDO Security in JD Edwards

Live Webinar - March 16, 12:00 PM EST.

Live Webinar
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Webinar Description
Is your IT support team under pressure from the growing demands for resource availability? As the adoption of User Defined Objects (UDO’s) within your JD Edwards footprint increases how can you find more efficient ways to manage the workload? The key to success is to streamline your maintenance activities, allowing for the exploitation of the exciting new possibilities delivered by the UDO framework.

Security plays a major role in deploying and maintaining UDOs in JD Edwards. You can empower your people with tools and resources that cut their efforts and increase their capacity to manage UDO security more efficiently.

Join us for an educational overview of how your IT team can leverage the ALLOut toolset to:

  1. Maintain UDO permissions and security in one place
  2. Align visibility of UDO access within your reporting
  3. Overcome multiple role issues in JD Edwards

Projects and priorities are constantly changing. We'll show you how to uncover some efficient and effective ALLOut tools that will allow your team to be savvy change agents with UDO maintenance in JD Edwards.