Control Evolving Risk & Deliver Compliance Effectively

Live Demo - March 22nd, 12:00 PM (ET).

Live Webinar
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Demo Description

In today’s digital age, data is considered a precious commodity – like oil or gold, its value increases every day. Data is the new oil! But how are you protecting your company´s biggest asset?

Achieving efficient and auditable security controls has never been more critical. Whether you need to be compliant with SOX, GDPR, JSOX or other regulations, or simply strive to reduce risk, the ALLOut toolset for JD Edwards can facilitate your needs.

Join us for this demo and discover how to:

-Achieve simple, time saving practices, that deliver critical information quickly.

-Adapt JDE security and internal controls to mitigate evolving risks.

-Automate processes and reporting to support repeatable audit and compliance activities.

With the increasing risk of fraud, shifting staff responsibilities and ever-changing business processes, we can show you simple and strategic steps that make a big difference.

We’ll delve into effective controls that can be implemented and critical monitoring that should be performed using ALLOut Security for JD Edwards