A Cross-Platform Approach to Mitigating Finance Risk

LinkedIn Live - June 12th, 11:00 AM (ET).

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Session Information
De-risking a key financial process in JD Edwards requires collaboration between IT & Finance. In this session, you’ll hear directly from JD Edwards customer ACCO Engineered Systems about how they identify and mitigate risks in their financial processes through comprehensive, collaborative deployments of their JD Edwards environment, Medius Accounts Payable solution, and ALLOut Security platform. Our panelists will be discussing the 3 key pillars of any controlled financial process:

  • Automation
  • Segregation of Duties and Access Management
  • Audit and Review

Whether you are part of Finance, responsible for critical data and financial integrity, or IT, responsible for security access - there will be beneficial takeaways from the panel.

Panel of Experts
Lucy Danielian, Director of Accounts Payable at ACCO 
Steve Pardee, Senior Manager of Enterprise Systems at ACCO
Linda Nelson, CPA Vice President of Business Success at ALLOut Security
Don Holm, Global Vice President of Consulting at Medius

Why is this relevant today?
The risks impacting finance and accounting departments are at their highest levels in history. The rapid evolution of A.I. and its potential for nefarious use by internal employees and external fraudsters alike have made the task of identifying and preventing potential risks a near-impossible task for Finance and IT teams. In its 2024 Report to the Nations, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that 89% of occupational fraud cases in its study period were tied to Asset Misappropriation, which represent “an employee stealing or misusing the employing organization’s resources.” Financial process, especially Accounts Payable, are fraught with opportunity. Organizations must develop adequate internal controls to protect its assets in the first place, but when fraud is inevitably attempted, collaboration between Finance, IT, and technology providers can make all the difference in successful mitigation.